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Hitting Phnom Penh

My first unplanned adventures

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After many many hours on different planes I finally made it to Phnom Penh. First hiccup happened already at the airport, where despite explicitly asking for a business visa (as tourist visa can only be extended to a couple of months and I'm staying three), I was issued with a tourist visa and had to convince them that changing my ticket to leave early is not an option. It took best part of an hour and repeating the same story to different officials, before I was able to get them to agree that business visa really is the best option. I might have won a battle but definitely not a war.

The next half hour I spent convincing them that they should void the tourist visa and give me the right one. Apparently, reaching an agreement does not automatically meanttaking an action. And then there was the question of payment. Whilst it was not my mistake, they expected me to pay for both visas. Hmmm. Fortunately my incredulous yet friendly look attracted the attention of the man in charge, who very kindly let me go without extra charges.

Second surprise of the day was my missing pick-up. First I gave it 15 minutes to see if someone turns up, but it being Saturday lunchtime, I was getting more and more convinced that I was forgotten. Not sure how that happened but after few more minutes there was no denying it. It was only half an hour later when I asked someone at a mobile phone shop to call a local office number when I was picked up by an American looking truck. Not a bad start to my 3 months working stint in Cambodia.

And I didn't even mention the tropical heat that makes every movement a challenge. But here I am and despite my logistic difficulties the first impressions are positive. I even managed to visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide museum, which was quite heavy going but an important piece of Cambodian history all visitors should see and know about.

It's already a dinner time at the hostel and I'm heading to the riverside for a dins with bunch of Canadians, Australians and English i met during today's explorations. So far the only Czech here again.

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