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I run over Cambodian policeman 26.01.2013
Drag show ala Cambodia 25.01.2013
Last week of volunteering - Phnom Penh 23.01.2013
Another leisurely weekend in Phnom Penh 22.01.2013
Newborn Cambodian and smug Englishman 17.01.2013
More interviews and the issue of Cambodian prostitution 16.01.2013
Quad biking through Cambodian countryside & local club scene 13.01.2013
Another working week as a volunteer at AMK MFI 10.01.2013
In the footsteps of Mekong River dolphins 08.01.2013
Interviews, interviews and more interviews - Phnom Penh 03.01.2013
Phnom Penh New Year 31.12.2012
Wat Phnom and more of Phnom Penh night life 30.12.2012
Czechs in Phnom Penh 27.12.2012
Christmas in Phnom Penh 27.12.2012
Phnom Penh night scene and the Silk Island 25.12.2012
Week 2 volunteering 18.12.2012
Weekend in Sihanoukville 17.12.2012
Cycling in Phnom Penh and trip to Sihanoukville 17.12.2012
First days of volunteering and already doing overtimes 14.12.2012
Day 1 volunteering - maybe tomorrow 12.12.2012
Bank Holiday Monday in Phnom Penh 10.12.2012
Russian market and Cambodian kickboxing 09.12.2012
Work a little, play a lot 08.12.2012
I say research, Cambodians say improvisation 07.12.2012
Whistle stop tour of Phnom Penh 05.12.2012
Hitting Phnom Penh 02.12.2012